Let’s meet Anastasia


Anastasia landed in Finbite through Omniva. She had been working in post offices for a few years but wanted a change and to advance in her career. That’s how she became a customer service specialist in Omniva’s e-invoicing department. After some time she decided to dedicate herself to her family, but on her return she took on the role of Finbite’s Consultant. She is now responsible for our partnership relations and customer service in Russian. In the second half of this year, she will be presenting the first training sessions in Russian to our customers.

How did you start your career at Finbite?

I first started my professional career in Omniva. For about 2 years I worked in different post offices. I really liked the job because every day was different and there wasn’t a set routine. But after a while I realised that I was no longer going into work with a cheerful mood and that I needed to change something. My boss at the time suggested a few different departments and positions that I could apply for. I chose the e-invoicing department, eventually it became Finbite. I went in for an interview and was hired as a customer service specialist.

What are you doing in Finbite today?

I started out in customer service, answering Estonian customers’ questions. Then I went on maternity leave and after coming back I became a Consultant. Now my focus is on those clients who use Finbite’s services through different partners. We have integrations for clients using Korto, TT tarkvara, Astro Baltics etc. I also support our major corporate customers and all those who prefer to communicate with customer support and sales department in Russian. Soon I will be able to communicate with them not only via phone and mail, but I also plan to start giving webinars in Russian.

Which professional achievements and developments are you particularly proud of?

I’m proud of the fact that when I returned from maternity leave, I hadn’t forgotten my skills and was able to start working with clients quickly. After all, working with electronic invoicing and other technical solutions is not as easy as it might seem. In addition, I immediately made it my goal to ensure that every customer could find all the information they would need about Finbite’s services in the language they wanted. I therefore put a lot of effort into translating various manuals, support materials and the website into Russian. I am also very pleased that my hard work is appreciated by my team.

Talk about a funny incident or situation you have faced at work. 

In addition to the office, I sometimes work from home. There have been occasions when, halfway through a call, my child wants to talk to “my” client. The clients understand straight away that I work from home, but they don’t mind that the child wants to chime in. Some have even asked how old the child is and etcetera. Probably the funniest thing is when the client calls and talks to you as a friend. It’s always a pleasure to help friendly customers.

What important developments are still to come or what would you like to achieve professionally?

Finbite is constantly evolving, and every time there is an update, we add new functionality or improve existing features for our customers. We always look forward to customers contacting us with their wishes and suggestions and letting us know what they expect from the environment. We will always reply if and when the requested updates are ready. I try to help customers to get all their work done quickly and conveniently.

What makes your eyes light up after a day at work?

I love it when I am happy with the work I have done. After work, I like to spend time with my family and go for walks. I also like to go camping by the lake, but I have to postpone that until my child gets older.


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