Let’s meet Migle – our digitizer from Lithuania

Let’s meet Migle – our digitizer from Lithuania

Uudise avaldamiskuupäev - 25. April 2022

25. April 2022

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Migle is one of our most productive digitizers from Lithuania and her goal is to ensure that automatically digitized PDF invoices have correct information on them as e-invoices. This way we can ensure 99% quality to all digitized invoices. Let’s find out how Migle got into the field of fintech and what’s her secret for spotting digitalization errors with admirable accuracy and efficiency.

How did your career lead you to the world of fintech?  What are you working on at Finbite today?

I started my career in the world of fintech accidentally. In July 2018, I was looking for a job and received an offer to join a Lithuania team as invoice digitalization specialist. It was just a beginning of a great Finbite journey, at that time the company was under Omniva name. My main goal is to ensure that the correct information was digitized from the PDF invoices.

What has been your greatest work-related achievement that makes you really proud? ( I’ve heard that you are one of the most productive digitizer we have in all three countries – do you have any tips or tricks to share about your success?)

2021 was very successful for Finbite with 40% increase in revenue, the number of clients and invoices we handled. I am the most proud of our team that I am part of and the results we fulfilled. It is amazing that we accomplished it with the same resources as we had a year ago. The secret is that you must enjoy what you do first. Dedication, keen eye for detail, ability to spot errors with accuracy and efficiency and, mostly, great teamwork leaded us to success. I also love the challenge of maintaining the best quality and great volume of work every day.

Tell a funny story about a situation that has happened to you while working in Finbite.

I can’t come up with any particularly funny story at work, but my colleagues are just awesome with a good sense of humour so it is easy to laugh together.

What are you looking forward to or what is something you would definitely want to accomplish in Finbite?

I look forward to Finbite’s future and excited for the upcoming projects. Currently we are on the way of the improvement of our OCR and digitization service. I want to be part of the more optimised solution changes, so we can move further and improve our system while maintaining a high quality service. 

In conclusion, what helps you to organize your thoughts after a busy working day.

I love travelling and outdoor activities such as hiking in the woods and mountains, jogging, fitness. Trough physical activities, I find that I am better equipped to offer myself self-care. It keeps me centred and focused, even during highly stressful times. I also find painting and cooking very therapeutic. It brings out my creative side after a long day working with computer.

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