Meet Danguole, our Country Manager in Lithuania

Meet Danguole, our Country Manager in Lithuania

Uudise avaldamiskuupäev - 15. February 2022

15. February 2022

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Danguole is responsible for leading Finbite’s team in Lithuania and managing local clients. And the results are impressive! We ended the year 2021 in Lithuania with 40% increase in revenue, client numbers and the amount of invoices digitized. Her great sense of humor and go-getter attitude make Danguole indispensable to our team. Read more about the lucky accident that landed her the job and the motivational printer in the middle of our office.

How did your career lead you to the world of fintech?

Well, it was a lucky accident, actually. I was starting to look for a challenge after my parental leave ended and saw a friend`s post on social media, that Omniva`s (at that time) info logistics team was looking for someone to represent the solution in the Lithuanian market. I thought that the info logistics solution has a lot of potential in Lithuanian market, and I wanted to be a part of it, as well as taking up totally new challenge. Went in for a chat and shook hands on spot.

What are you working on today?

Main responsibilities today are leading amazing team in Lithuania, managing and growing client portfolio, making sure that all processes are running smoothly and that we are the best what we could be. I am also always on a look out for new possibilities and ways to improve the product. There has been a lot of changes in 2021: internal changes in team structure, optimizing the processes and upgrading our OCR, all are done so we could be even better at what we do. More changes are on the way, which are mostly related to developing the products further. And I am happy to be part of it all. 

What has been your greatest work-related achievement?

The whole year of 2021 and the results in Lithuania were impressive, we made some great partnerships and kept building customer`s trust. We have ended the year 2021 with 40% increase in revenue, client number and the number of invoices we handled. But I am the most proud of the team that I am part of and the results that their hard work has brought. 

Tell a fun story about a situation that has happened to you while working in Finbite.

There are plenty inside jokes in our team actually and it`s a pleasure to work with easy going people who can both, make and take a joke. For example, we keep a relict printer device in our office (that we never use) just to remind us of our mission in digital invoice transformation – how things can always be improved, made simple and smart at the same time.

What are you looking forward to or what’s something you would want to definitely accomplish in Finbite?

Threre are a lot of things on my table and on my mind, I am really looking forward to seeing how it shapes up and how it all falls into place. One that I can mention already now, is the improvement of our digitization services and current OCR (Optical Character Recognition).  And once that part is done, we can take it even further, to a point where Finbite name is the first one that comes into people minds when talking about smart solutions and invoice administration. And who knows…maybe even more than that.

In conclusion, what helps you to organize your thoughts after a busy working day.

It`s the simple things: good company and good food, some sports activities or sometimes a quiet evening with a good read. 

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