Updates in the Finbite system


During the latest system update, 3 important functionalities were added to the Finbite system. These updates make using smart invoicing solutions even more convenient.

Company’s bank accounts can now be added under sales invoice settings

Previously, bank accounts were set up only under purchase invoices settings. This update makes sending sales invoices easier, as all necessary settings can be made in one place.

Users can now add individual accounts to the account plan

To do this, log in to Finbite and select Settings -> Registers -> Account plan and press “Add new”.

This makes processing invoices faster in a situation where a new account has been added to the account plan, because it is no longer necessary to re-import the entire plan.

Changes in purchase invoice settings view

A new view of the purchase invoice settings is available and the settings are now grouped by subtopics. This allows users to find the setting they need faster.


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