Updates coming in 2023


2023 is going to be a big year of developments for us. This year, we aim to significantly improve the user experience of Finbite solutions and deliver the best service and user experience.

1. Our website will be updated

The first change you will be able to see, as of February 13th, is the update of our website at finbite.eu. Well — you are here now, welcome! Due to the updates, access to the Finbite website may be disrupted on 12 February between 18:00 and 22:00, but the e-invoice centre will not be affected and all functionalities of the environment will be available to customers during this time.

The new website will give a comprehensive overview of all the services we offer and are developing. The most important change for experienced users is probably our new help center at help.finbite.eu, which is already available to everyone today. 

If you have shortcuts to the current guides and instructions bookmarked or have linked them in various materials, now is the time to change the links. In the new customer help center, you can find all the guides available on the current website through a convenient search tool. In the new environment, you can provide feedback on the quality of the guides, which we will take into account when developing new guidance material.

2. Logging in to the Finbite environment    

During the first half of this year, new Finbite’s log in system will be launched. If you have been using the Omniva e-service to log into Finbite, we will soon be taking the next step in the separation from Omniva. In the future, you will no longer need to use Omniva’s e-service to log in, you’ll be able to do it through Finbite’s web-based interface. The new access option is currently being tested in a pre-live environment and further instructions on the full separation will be sent out in the coming weeks. 

3. Updated version of the Finbite Finance app

In 2023, we will also further develop Finbite Finance, a convenient mobile app for expense reports, which will allow you to take a picture of your receipt after purchase and enter it into the system. Our aim is to better the user-experience of the app and widen the range of activities that can be carried out through it, so that expense reporting activities take as little time as possible. The possibilities to create reports from receipts and send them to be confirmed directly from the mobile app will be added. In addition, users will be able to see usage history – previously created and pending reports. 

4. The Finbite environment becomes more convenient 

During this year, we will also put a strong emphasis on improving the user experience – including the convenience of the Finbite environment, services and solutions. Work with industry specialists in this area started at the end of last year, and we expect to present more detailed updates very soon.


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