Add a substitute who will confirm incoming invoices during your vacation


The holiday season is about to begin, during which many employees will be on vacation for several weeks. However, business doesn’t stop and incoming invoices must be confirmed and paid during this time.

How to confirm invoices during a holiday?

If you are using the Finbite services, it is worth reminding your employees before leaving on their holiday that they need to add a holiday replacement from the system, to ensure that all invoices continue to move while they are away on holiday.

5 steps to add a substitute

1) enter Finbite’s system;
2) select General Information > Settings-> My rights of representation;
3) select the company (if you are representing several) and from the right select ‘Substitutes’;
4) in the view that opens, you will find the ‘Add’ button on the bottom right;
5) add the name and period of the substitute and press ‘Save’.

By doing so, all invoices addressed to an employee on holiday will reach their substitute for approval. If you would like to begin using the confirmation circ

In the old days, invoices moved physically from desk to desk, and there was a separate person responsible for the process of confirming invoices, who collected confirmations on the invoices in order to send them for payment. On average, one person spends 10 hours per month approving invoices in this way – all the way up to 80 hours in companies dealing with paper invoices – and in many cases the company’s management is also busy approving invoices. 

With the help of the e-confirmation circle, invoices can be confirmed without leaving the computer and by using, for example, a smartphone. For example, 3 people can approve an invoice in less than 1 minute. In the confirmation circle, comments can be added to the invoice, which can be directed forwards or backwards. A total of 38 people involved in the longest invoice confirmation circle. One can only imagine how long it would have taken to approve this invoice via paper or e-mail.

If you would like to begin using the confirmation circle in your organisation, please write to


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