Let’s meet Anni


Anni is Finbite’s Digitization Coordinator and is responsible for ensuring that all PDF invoices received by our customers are correctly converted into e-invoices. In addition, she plays basketball in her free time, and not just for fun, but professionally. Read more about how Anni, who moved from Tallinn to Paide, started working in fintech, what innovations await the field of digitization and how she ended up in the basketball premier league.

How did you end up in Finbite?

When I was expecting my second child, we decided to move from Tallinn to Paide. When I moved to the countryside, I left my previous job in Tallinn, where my task was entering the annual accounting reports from Denmark. When it came time to go back to work, I opened the CV Center and came across an ad where Omniva was looking for a data entry specialist, because at that time Finbite was still part of Omniva. Although I applied for the job of data entry specialist, I was eventually recruited to the Paide department as a data entry supervisor.

What are your current responsibilities in Finbite?

Today, my area of responsibility has grown compared to the early days. I am the digitization coordinator – I monitor the flow of invoices that are digitized and I am responsible for ensuring that everything is in order, that the invoices are entered by the deadline and that all parties have the necessary information. If there are any errors, I am the one who deals with solving the problem and communicates with both customers and data entry specialists. In addition, I train new employees and make various summaries and reports.

What professional achievements and developments are you particularly proud of?

For us, the beginning of each month is a very busy time, because that’s when there’s the highest volumes of invoices waiting to be digitized. When this period is over, it is time for summaries and if the results are positive, then i’m satisfied and proud 😃.

Tell us about a funny incident or situation you have had to face at work.

I have been working at Finbite for a total of 5 years and during that time so many funny things have happened. The first thought that came to my mind is not directly related to work. We had a lot of fun during the summer days by Võrtsjärv in August, and I especially remember the construction of the raft and later sailing with it.

Anni building a raft out of some floaties, wooden blanks and cling film with her teammate.

What important developments are still ahead or what would you definitely like to achive professionally?

At the moment, we are in a period of innovation and development in digitization, which is very exciting. I’m getting to know our program in depth and learning about different possibilities ti offers. This is very interesting for me, and in the future our work process should thus become even more automatic and precise.

What makes you happy after a long day at work?

After work, I spend a lot of time with my family and friends. In addition, I really like tinkering around in my house. But my zen zone and real relaxation is achived during basketball practice. When I step onto the court, everything else is left behind and I enjoy the magic and beauty of this game. I train in Paide every day, but this year the women’s teams of Paide and Pärnu joined to play together in the premiere league. Despite this, I still consider myself an amateur who is just on the list of the premier league 😃.


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