What features does Finbite invoice centre offer?

Who is this intended for?

Small businesses

If your company needs to send or receive up to 20 invoices per month, we recommend choosing the Small Business Package (SBP). You can always change the package later, for example by adding document digitisation or other tools required by the accountant.

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Medium and large companies

Business package allows you to use all the opportunities provided by the Finbite invoice centre. Purchase and sales invoice solution, digitisation, e-confirmation circle, e-expenditure report and digital archive. Our specialists will put together the package according to the needs of your company.

Why choose Finbite invoice centre?

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The Finbite invoice centre is the former Omniva invoice centre. We have long-term knowledge and experience, over 40% market share and separation from Eesti Post provides us with the opportunity to serve our customers even better and offer our customers new developments and opportunities.
Join with Finbite invoice centre is easy, usually can send e-invoices and receive purhase invoices within a few days.

Time saving

The time gain is primarily due to the fact that your accountant is no longer a data entry clerk, but can now apply their skills and knowledge to much more important tasks. E-invoices help to reduce errors you may encounter when entering invoices manually, because e-invoices are machine-readable.

Financial gains

As many people are working from a home office, it is more important than ever to archive important documents in digital form. With the introduction of digital archives, a large amount of office space will be freed up from the storage of paper archives in the office, which will help you save on fixed monthly costs.

Remote working

Remote working opportunities are helping to eliminate the issue of invoices moving from one table to another in printed form. With the help of the e-confirmation circle, an invoice can be approved from any smart device including when away from the office.

Finbite partners

For many accounting software applications, just a tick in the system is enough to start sending and receiving e-invoices. We have interfaces with more than 30 business software applications and we can also create a special solution for you in the case of a custom-made accounting system.

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