Save time with digital solution for document confirmation and management

document confirmation

Soon you’ll be able do digitally confirm other documents in addition to invoices and expense reports!

No attachments! There’s a better way of approving documents than by sending files via e-mail.

Simplify document management by approving them in seconds with just one click.

Access your documents safely at any time, anywhere with our digital document archive solution.

Ask quick approvals from anyone, for anything – contracts, regulations, purchase confirmation, etc.

Reliable and easy to use

A convenient document confirmation and management system increases security, reduces the risk of mistakes and ensures that documents are approved in time by the right people!

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Get an overview of all documents and approval processes

Save time and energy – a complete status overview of the document approval process in one place.

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Do everything in one place

Confirm, send back, change, add approvers – a broad selection of actions to make document management as easy as possible.

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