Invoicing solutions

The handling of purchase and sales invoices is now much quicker and easier. Therefore accountants can use their skills and knowledge more efficiently.

Free up your company’s most important resource – time. Save up to 30 minutes and 3 euros with each smart invoice.

Purchase invoices don’t have to be entered manually.

invoicing solution

Convert all incoming invoices into machine readable files and avoid data entry mistakes.

Automate recurring tasks.

Confirm incoming invoices within seconds.

Submit e-invoices, PDF invoices, paper invoices or automatic invoices directly to bank.

Convenient all-in-one environment for submitting invoices in all formats

Submit sales invoices in any format with only a few clicks through one convenient environment.

Sync Finbite solution with your accounting software to send out sales invoices in any format.

Receive payments quicker – e-invoices move within seconds and get paid faster.

Digitise business and travel expense receipts and send them to your accountant in seconds.

Stop gathering paper receipts – submit them to your accountant with Finbite mobile app

Take a photo of your receipt before it fades or gets lost.

Submit your receipt to accounting in seconds.

Resubmit and control safely stored receipts at any time.

Get access to documents everywhere with digital archive.

Free up valuable office space with paperless digital archive

Access all important documents, even when working from distance.

Get a comprehensive overview of company’s documentation and find the right files in seconds.

Free up valuable office space with the paperless approach.

Save time, money and grow your business with smart invoicing solutions

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