Confirm invoices with a single click

confirmation circle

Confirm invoices and receipts with one click on any smart device.

There’s a better way of approving invoices and expense reports than by sending attachments via e-mail.

Speed up accounting processes by confirming invoices at any time, anywhere.

Take control of confirmation processes and reduce the risk of billing fraud with secure functions.

Confirming invoices is easier, faster and safer than ever before

Confirm invoices at any time, anywhere

Confirming invoices on paper or exchanging e-mails with attachments is restrictive and wastes valuable time. Digital confirmation circle gives you the freedom to confirm invoices with just one click.

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Gain a deeper insight

Smart confirmation circle ensures that no invoice is lost or forgotten. Every invoice that is waiting for approval can be seen in the system and the accountant has an overview of the whole process.

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Reduce the risk on billing fraud

You can always check who has approved any invoices and when. It’s possible to set a limit on the sum that can be approved by an employee or adding a contract number to the invoice can be made mandatory.

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Save time, money and grow your business with smart invoicing solutions

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