Submit expense reports with the Finbite Finance app

Make an e-expense report of business and travel expenses within moments and send it to the accountant immediately after the purchase.

Take a picture of the receipt with Finbite Finance app before it fades or disappears.

Digitised receipts and invoices will move automatically into your accounting software.

Resubmit and control safely stored receipts at any time.

Save up to 6x more time with smart expense reports – it’s convenient for the accountant and the reimbursement arrives quicker.

Save everyone’s time

Save your accountant’s time with digital expense reports. They no longer have to collect the paper receipts and enter them manually into the system. Take a picture of your receipt with the Finbite app and fill out a short form or submit it to be digitised.

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Simple, fast and convenient

The machine-readable receipt moves instantly into the system, where you can make an expense report. The report is then approved by a manager and a reimbursed.

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Digital archive for expense reports

All the receipts and expense reports are stored in the system and available for resubmitting at any time.

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