Invoice automation and administration

Automate repetitive tasks, reduce manual labour and spend less time on invoice administration. Automated invoice management saves the time of accountants, managers and everyone else.

Approve invoices and expenses with one click from any smart device, and reduce the risk of billing fraud using smart confirmation circle.

Safe confirmation circle gives a clear overview of all incoming invoices

There’s a better way of approving invoices and expense reports than by sending attachments via e-mail.

Speed up accounting processes by confirming invoices at any time, anywhere.

Take control of confirmation processes and reduce the risk of billing fraud by implementing security rules.


Make an e-expense report of business and travel expenses within moments and send it to the accountant immediately after the purchase.

Save up to 6x more time with smart expense reports

Take a picture of the receipt with Finbite Finance app before it fades or disappears.

Digitised receipts and invoices will move automatically into your accounting software.

Resubmit and control safely stored receipts at any time.

With digitising, your accountant doesn’t have to enter receipts and invoice information manually into the system.

Digitising saves time and reduces entry mistakes

Give your accountant an opportunity to focus on more meaningful tasks.

Reduce invoice entry mistakes. Our digitisation service has a 99% quality guarantee.

Approve purchase invoices within seconds.

Reports give a complete overview of accounting processes.

Gain a real-time insight into the financial situation of your company

Export information about your invoicing history. We store information for up to 7 years and by agreement even longer.

Make the company’s invoicing processes more efficient by analysing data from incoming and outgoing invoices and the approval process.

You can get a complete overview in any file format with only a couple of clicks.

Save time, money and grow your business with smart invoicing solutions

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