Don’t waste valuable time on manual data entry, focus on more important things!


With digitisation, your accountant doesn’t have to enter receipts and invoice information manually into the system.

Give your accountant an opportunity to focus on more meaningful tasks.

Reduce invoice entry mistakes. Our digitisation service has a 99% quality guarantee.

Purchase invoices get digitised within one workday.

One digitised invoice can save you up to 30 minutes and 3 €

Automate manual tasks

Digitise all your PDF and paper invoices to reduce the time spent on manual tasks and increase the efficiency of your accounting processes.

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Guaranteed 99% quality

Automatically digitised invoices get checked by our digitisers. This is how we guarantee, that 99% of invoices entered into your accounting systems are faultless.

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Confirm digitised invoices within seconds

All digital cost reports and invoices can be confirmed conveniently with our smart confirmation circle function – any time, anywhere.

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How much would you save with digital purchase invoice management?

Enter how many purchase invoices you receive monthly.
Time saved
5 hours
Money saved
30 € monthly
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Save time, money and grow your business with smart invoicing solutions

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