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How to choose the most suitable package for my company?

Firstly, to find the best solution, map out the needs of your business. The following questions can be helpful.

1. Do you already use an accounting or business software?
2. Do you want to send e-invoices? What is the expected volume? Do you want to send e-invoices to banks?
3. Do you want to start receiving e-invoices?
4. What is the total volume of purchase invoices in one month?
5. Does your company use expense reports?
6. What kind of confirmation processes are in place for purchase invoices? How many people are involved in the confirmation process?

Is there an additional cost for switching packages?

There is no charge for switching packages and no additional cost is involved! However, it is worth noting that the packages each have different functionalities and monthly fees, and by switching packages, the amount to be paid for the services changes.

What happens if I chose the wrong package for my business?

Don’t worry, our sales managers will contact you shortly and help you find the package that is best for your business!

What if I am unable to find a package that is right for my business?

If you were unable to find a suitable package from the available selection or you have any additional questions, please contact us at and we will reply as soon as possible. You can also book a demo call with our Sales Managers. 

Will there be immediate costs once I find a suitable package for my business and fill in the subscription form on the website?

We are pleased that you have found a suitable package – feel free to send us your request to join, because there are no permanent commitments. After filling in the form, the Sales Manager will contact you and ask for additional information to prepare a subscription agreement. Payment of the first invoice will take place once the contract has been signed and you are ready to begin using the service.

Is it possible to switch packages?

The package can be switched at any time. To do so, contact the sales manager at and they will help you to make the appropriate changes!

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