Let’s meet Siim


Siim is the Head of our Product team, responsible for ensuring that Finbite’s solutions are constantly evolving to meet customers’ expectations. He is passionate about ensuring that the environment enables customers to have more freedom, flexibility and control over their invoices. Siim’s helpfulness and drive have made him a key player in all recent and upcoming innovations and major developments in the Finbite environment. It’s no wonder, because even his journey to Finbite is proof of how determination always leads to success. Even if it takes several attempts.

How did you start your career at Finbite?

I’ve been working on product development since 2018. Initially, it was in the world of betting, where I developed an eSports product, user interfaces and support tools. In 2021, I started to think that I wanted to move away from the betting industry and focus on product management in general. I worked in a start-up for a bit less than a year as a Head of Product and sign-up process. Then I saw Finbite’s job opening for Head of Product and decided to give it a try. I didn’t get the job the first time and went on to become a Web 3.0 Product Manager instead, and moved to Spain for a few months to set up a home office. Whilst there, I thought I’d check again with Finbite’s CEO, Keir, to see how they were getting on with the chosen candidate. It turned out that, due to a combination of various coincidences, the post had become vacant again. After a couple of conversations, I was offered the opportunity and that’s what finally brought me here.

What are you doing in Finbite today?

Currently, I do whatever needs to be done at Finbite. I lead and support the product team in planning their activities, as well as helping the IT department set priorities and manage the backlog. I am also the Product Manager and primary contact for Finbite’s AER (Bulk Invoicing) customers, solving all sorts of major challenges and managing various projects. In the last few months, the most exciting things have been passing the ISO27001 audit, revamping the look of the Finbite environment, testing new systems, getting proof of concept and system deployment. In addition, I create product roadmaps and user journeys and help our great Customer Support team. 😊

Which professional achievements and developments are you particularly proud of?

I don’t know how to take credit. For me, the greatest achievements have always been the result of teamwork. At Finbite, I’m pleased that despite my minimal previous experience, I was able to lead a project where we maintained our ISO27001 certification. I often find that things that are important to the business just need to be done and if someone doesn’t feel it’s their responsibility, I take it upon myself to do it. I’m happy when people are brave enough to share their concerns and we can find a solution together. You don’t always have to solve everything on your own!

Talk about a funny incident or situation you have faced at work. 

I often find it funny when a customer asks me why an invoice hasn’t arrived or something like that. And then, when you look into the situation, it turns out that the delivery channel for the invoice was only added by the customer 3 weeks after the invoice was sent. Funny things like that do happen. Besides, our staff here is very nice. This is demonstrated by all the events we have held after work, because the next few days our cheeks are still sore from laughing. 😃

What important developments are still to come or what would you like to achieve professionally?

I would like Finbite users to have more autonomy and control over their own settings – to be able to create new users, switch packages, add credit cards as a payment method and explore our platform. There should certainly be a lot of steps taken towards user experience and informativeness, so that the customer knows what is happening with their invoices – whether they have been received, sent out, delivered, how to resolve different errors on their own, etc.. There are a lot more ideas on what to do than there is time and energy to put into it at the moment. At the same time, we have to remember that the world of e-invoicing is still in its early stages, both in Estonia and elsewhere. There is still time to achieve it all.

What makes your eyes light up after a day at work?

I have quite a few hobbies to occupy my free time. The most important of these, I’m sure many of you already know, is obviously disc golf. I’ve been doing it for about 8 years, but rather as an amateur. I like it, but I haven’t put a huge amount of effort into the technique and other specific trainings that I should/could have at my level. For the last 2 years I’ve been the Estonian National Team Captain and helped our top disc golfers to achieve better results. For example, last year we achieved 1st place in the World Championship for the first time with the national team. As this is an outdoor sport, which we can’t do in Estonia most of the time because of the weather, I also enjoy the indoor activities. For example, board games – the more complex, strategic and difficult the better. And definitely computer games – that’s where my previous interest in eSports came from.


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