Let’s get to know our system administrator Dario

Let’s get to know our system administrator Dario

Uudise avaldamiskuupäev - 17. August 2021

17. August 2021

Uudise autor - Anette



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Finbite is a doer with extensive experience in the field of e-invoicing, and our people work every day to make daily invoicing faster, more convenient, and more secure. Last month we introduced Product Manager Kerli, now it’s time for System Administrator Dario.

Dario Hoffren

System Administrator


How did your professional career lead you to the world of fintech?

I joined the Finbite team in June 2020, and immediately began working on solving problems and issues submitted by various consultants. Over time, the questions and wishes related to the database somehow evolved into my daily work. Inquiries of a more general nature are usually requests for detailed information related to invoices or, for example, a request to cancel a confirmation circle. At the moment, I’m basically performing the tasks of an application administrator.

What is the greatest project you have seen at Finbite thus far?

One of the biggest projects was probably the separation from Omniva at the beginning of 2021, when we began to cultivate our own fortune to independently grow Finbite into the most successful e-invoicing company.

What are you doing at Finbite today?

I deal with addressing the concerns of customers as well as my own employees on a daily basis. From simple queries to more complex extracts for customers from our database. In the case of my colleagues, more general concerns are usually related to the various programs that are in everyday use. Such as the use of Sharepoint and Jira.

In conclusion, what helps you to organise your thoughts after a busy working day?

After the working day is over, a light bike ride or a walk in the woods generally helps me to relax. Sometimes even reading an exciting book to end the evening.

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