Let’s meet Tanel

Let’s meet Tanel

Uudise avaldamiskuupäev - 16. January 2023

16. January 2023

Uudise autor - Anette



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Tanel joined our team in last spring and has achieved a lot within this short time. Behind his professional success is probably the fact that Tanel is a real team player, both at work and in his free time, when he scores some major goals on international floorball courts.

How did your career lead you to Finbite?

In the spring of 2022, I heard that Finbite was looking for a new Sales Manager. Previously, I worked in the construction industry as a Sales Representative, specialising in roofing and roofing accessories. I was studying Business Information Technology at Taltech and wanted to find a job in related field, so I decided to apply for a position at Finbite and that’s how it went.

What do you do at Finbite today?

I work as a Sales Manager and manage the entire sales cycle – from responding to requests and demonstrating our environment to potential customers to negotiating and signing contracts. In addition, this role involves planning, meetings and discussions with the Baltic team on how to be as successful as possible in our sales processes. I also contribute to the development of Finbite through various projects. Currently, the most exciting project is the design of our new mobile app, because I can also apply the degree I’m studying.

Which professional achievements and developments are you particularly proud of?

I haven’t been here for long, only 7 months. In that time, I have settled in, and fortunately, getting to know both the services we offer and the sector in general has gone smoothly. Thanks to this, I have been able to contribute to the technical automation of our sales processes, which has simplified the work of all sales managers and also made the customer onboarding process more convenient. At the same time, I am excited that there is still a lot to discover.

Tell us about a funny incident or situation you have faced at work.

I’d just joined the team and gotten my equipment when, in the first week, the computer I’d been given managed to give up on me. I don’t know if it was my over-eagerness…or plain stupidity 🤷.

What other significant developments are still to come, or what would you like to accomplish professionally?

I certainly hope to contribute as much as possible to the modernisation of the sales process, and also to the overall improvement of Finbite’s services, in order to maintain our position as the market leader and thereby evolve both as a team and independently.

What brings a sparkle to your eyes after a day at work?

My passion has always been sport – both participating in it and watching it. I’ve been playing floorball since I was 6 years old, and during my sports career I’ve played in Switzerland and Sweden as well as Estonia. In addition, I have managed to represent Estonia in five consecutive World Championships. I can safely say that if I’m not playing floorball or other racket sports, I’m probably watching football or cross-country skiing at home. I also enjoy watching various films and TV series. While I’m usually a fan of Marvel movies, the latest great experience was Avatar 2.

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