Meet Janne – the head of our Customer Service department

Meet Janne – the head of our Customer Service department

Uudise avaldamiskuupäev - 18. October 2021

18. October 2021

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Are you searching for a company where you can constantly move up the career ladder and develop your best qualities into great skills? Janne’s experience shows that Finbite can be just the right company for you. As an added bonus, you get awesome colleagues like her!

How did your professional career lead you to the world of fintech?

I joined Finbite team in March 2017, when we were still operating under the name Omniva Arvekeskus. First, I was a data entry specialist and digitized customers’ PDF invoices into e-invoices. My task was to check invoices digitized by the machine and, if necessary, correct them before they became visible for the customer in the invoice center. This way, we can guarantee flawless digitization of invoices. In the summer of 2019, I accepted the position of a customer service consultant and my main task was to respond to customer inquiries both by phone and e-mail. By now, I have become the head of Customer Service department and I organize the work of the consultants and the client manager.

What is the greatest project you have seen at Finbite thus far?

We have recently had a number of major projects, but certainly the biggest one was the separation from Omniva. This summer, we also completed the Peppol interface – the customers had been waiting for it for a long time . Now they can send and receive e-invoices from foreign companies. Due to this innovation, e-invoices can be sent worldwide to all operators who also have a Peppol interface. But the most important thing for has been Billing, which was completed in the spring. This has significantly simplified the work for me and our client manager, because it generates invoices for customers for our services.

What are you doing at Finbite today?

I am responsible for the supervision of our customer management department and the operation and quality of customer service. The most exciting challenge for me is to find solutions to problems on the fly and this demands creative approach to people and situations. I enjoy interacting with people and there is a lot of communication in my work. Also my awesome colleagues make my work even more enjoyable.

In conclusion, what helps you to organize your thoughts after a busy working day?

I like to walk in the fresh air or work in the garden when the weather is nice. I really enjoy playing board games in the evenings with my family or friends. It is never boring to play Alias, trivia games or Monopoly.

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