Meet Julija – our Digitalization Coordinator from Latvia

Meet Julija – our Digitalization Coordinator from Latvia

Uudise avaldamiskuupäev - 12. November 2021

12. November 2021

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We have team members in three different countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. So the only reasonable thing to do in this cold November weather is to take a trip down south to meet Julija – our joyful Digitalization Coordinator from Latvia who supports our invoice digitizers and ensures the quality of service when it comes to invoice digitalization process.

How did your professional career lead you to the world of fintech?

I joined the Finbite team in January 2019 and at that time we were working under the name of Omniva. I started out as invoice digitalization specialist, my role involved correctly entered PDF’s and paper invoice’s data and I had to assure the quality of the data. Later on, in December 2020, I got an offer for the position of digitalization coordinator and customer service specialist. This was kind of a challenge for me… but I gladly accepted the role.

What is the greatest project you have seen at Finbite thus far?              

I would say that the biggest project so far has been the separation from Omniva as a distinct unit. Since the beginning of 2021, Finbite operates as a separate company in the field of fintech. And I would especially note our regularly updated website as a good visual image of Finbite. Furthermore, I’m sure that Finbite will become more prosperous, efficient and effective company and I’m very happy to be a part of the team. I’m excited for our successful and reasonable projects in the nearest future.

What are you doing at Finbite today?

I’m someone who is dealing with ‘problematic’ invoices, providing day-to-day support for invoice digitizers and responding to the customers claims regarding digitizing process and solving those inquiries. I have to ensure the quality of invoice digitalization process (correctly entered data, corrections) and customer support. Honestly, working at Finbite is a pleasure, as we have very friendly atmosphere and wonderful colleagues.

In conclusion, what helps you to organize your thoughts after a busy working day?

It depends on my mood and time of the year. My unconditional and sincere love is music and everything that relates to it – singing, dancing. It helps in any condition, at any time. One of my life hobbies is psychology and decoration. My first education is in interior design, painting & decorating. It was a long time ago, but I still love beautiful things, art and creating something with my hands. Exercise, cycling and running helps to release some unwanted thoughts. Nature, writing, reading, cooking – work as meditation for me. And surely humour is also a never-ending helper.

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