Omniva Invoice Centre and e-invoices are now available on Finbite


Omniva Invoice Centre is now Finbite

Since 2021, Omniva Invoice Centre services have been provided by Finbite OÜ, a subsidiary of Eesti Post, but until now, customers have continued to use Omniva’s system for billing solutions though Finbite. This link between the two companies has been a bit confusing for customers so far, as Omniva Invoice centre has been more widely known and we are still partly associated with it. The final separation from the Omniva platform will take place on 16 June.

We have tried to make the changes related to the separation from Omniva as simple and smooth as possible for customers. In doing so, we are grateful that so many of our customers have put their trust in us and have come on board. Our previous experience as Omniva Invoice Centre has been valuable in the creation and development of Finbite. We greatly value the experience gained during the Omniva Invoice Centre period and are committed to improving the range and quality of services.

Many members of the team working at Finbite have been long-serving employees, constantly developing themselves and making a career out of it. There are plenty of people in our team who joined during the Omniva Invoice Centre days, and we even have staff from the era of the Estonian e-Invoicing Centre. The Omniva Billing Centre is more widely known, but hopefully our current Finbite brand is now becoming more and more recognised.

Due to the final separation from the Omniva platform on 16 June, you can no longer log in using Omniva e-service, instead you will be able to do so through the Finbite environment. As a result, we have greater technical capabilities and can move forward with various long-awaited developments and innovations. For the time being, the change, which will come into force on 16 June, will only affect logging into the Finbite environment. Functionality updates will be available in the near future and will be announced in due course.

Omniva invoice center is now finbite

The reason for the separation came from the desire to provide a high quality e-invoicing service, invest in product development and grow both domestically and globally by focusing on invoicing solutions. This year, our aim is to significantly improve the user experience of Finbite solutions and to deliver the best service and customer experience.

The reason for the separation came from the desire to provide a high quality e-invoicing service, invest in product development and grow both domestically and globally by focusing on invoicing solutions. This year, our aim is to significantly improve the user experience of Finbite solutions and to deliver the best service and customer experience.

Keir Veskiväli, CEO of Finbite OÜ, has said: “As a company in our own right, we are under more pressure than ever to set an example for the Estonian public sector and to show that the direction we have chosen justifies itself. But Finbite has rediscovered its focus, which tends to fade away in the public sector and as a branch of a large company.” The company’s team is geared towards development and innovation, and as a CEO, he stresses the importance of this: “We must not remain stagnant, we must develop new services and solutions and be a pioneer and role model for the public sector and the wider community.”

How to use the Finbite (formerly Omniva Invoice Centre) in the future?

As of 16 June, Finbite’s e-invoice environment (formerly Omniva Invoice Centre) can only be accessed via the website, and the smart invoicing solution can no longer be accessed via Omniva’s e-service.

Finbite users who have previously accessed Finbite through the Omniva e-service will be the most affected by this change. For those who are used to using the site to log in, there will be no major changes. As of 16 June, when you log in, you will see a new screen and will be able to access your company’s invoice management directly.

For those logging in with a mobile ID, Smart ID or ID card, only the URL and the look of the environment will change.

Those logging in with a username and password are advised to check and, if necessary, remember their login details in Omniva’s e-service before 16 June. As the URL of the environment will change, the information stored in the previous environment will not be automatically transferred to the new environment by the browser. If you forget your username, it will no longer be possible to access Finbite with a password. However, you can always log in with an ID card, Mobile ID or Smart ID, which is always the most secure way to log in.

When you enter the Finbite e-invoicing environment for the first time, you will be taken to the invoice management screen. It is then possible to select which company is being represented and review your user settings. It is essential to check that a your personal email address is entered in the contact email field.

How to send e-invoices using Finbite (former Omniva Invoice Center)?

The former Omniva Invoice Centre and the current Finbite solution are designed to provide a fast, simple, accurate and secure way to manage e-invoices.

There are several ways to create and send e-invoices:

  • From an accounting software combined with an e-invoice operator integration. The first step is to integrate your accounting software with Finbite. In order to create the connection, the URL and authentication code for the data exchange must be copied to your accounting software. You can ask your system consultant where exactly these settings are located in your accounting software.
  • Generate the invoice manually in Excel format and import it into Finbite e-invoice environment. To import an invoice manually, select Sales from the menu and then upload the file.
  • Generate the invoice manually in the Finbite environement.

The fastest way to create and send a digital e-invoice is to use an integration between your accounting software and Finbite.

The advantages of using Finbite as your e-invoice operator:

  • Speed – your invoice reaches the recipient in seconds and is immediately accessible in their accounting software.
  • Simplicity – all invoicing-related tasks can be done in one environment.
  • Accuracy – both Estonian e-invoice standard compliant invoices and internationally recognised Peppol e-invoices can be sent out.
  • Security – e-invoices are encrypted and can be accessed by logging in as a user. As e-invoices are transmitted on the basis of a registration code, the risk of fictitious false invoices is reduced. For incoming e-invoices, security is enhanced by the confirmation circle and other internal processes. In addition, the e-invoice movement leaves a log trail.
  • Companies that send more than a few invoices a month have a lot to gain from finding the right solutions to automate the process. Today, digitisation is becoming an unavoidable necessity. There is a growing realisation that it can reduce workload and increase profits. Innovative solutions can save you up to 30 minutes and €3 per invoice by converting all incoming invoices into digital e-invoices, automating repetitive tasks and confirming incoming invoices in seconds.

The time spent on manually entering invoices can be used to grow the business, and the reports can be generated quickly, making it easy to get an overview of billing processes. Employee satisfaction with the way work is organised is also important. Allowing professionals to do meaningful work rather than the manual data entry helps to maintain job satisfaction and employee motivation. In addition, the positive impact of digitisation on the environment can be seen through the reduced use of paper and digital waste.

According to a survey carried out by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, 76% of businesses thought e-invoicing should be mandatory for private sector companies. Many innovative companies in the private sector have already joined Finbite, and we are convinced that the use of e-invoicing will become more and more widespread. Smart invoicing solutions are the future of accounting and the key to growth for businesses.

Customer support and instructional materials for Finbite (former Omniva Invoice Center)

You can find answers to frequently asked questions from our Help Center environment. We have produced guides on the following topic blocks:

  • Joining
  • New account and user settings
  • Purchase invoices
  • Sales invoices
  • Expenditure reports
  • Approving invoices
  • Registers
  • Templates
  • Accessing the new Finbite environment

Following the technical separation from Omniva on 16 June, there will be changes to the way you use our environment. We’ve put together comprehensive guides to help users get to know the new Finbite environment.

We have prepared a detailed guide on how to create and remind usernames and passwords. If you wish to log in with your username and password after 16 June and have forgotten your password, you can find instructions on how to retrieve your old password. If you have not previously logged in with a username and password, the username will be the email address entered in the user settings.

On June 16, there will be a change in the URL for the Finbite environment, the URL for the data exchange with the ERP integration, and the WSDLI URL. It will also be possible to add the new Finbite log in link to Bookmarks using the guide, so that you can easily access our invoice environment in the future.

In order to manage, approve, etc. purchase invoices, a person must have the appropriate representation rights. This guide describes how to add user rights.

We also offer the opportunity to participate in our courses. The in-depth personalised training is tailored to your company’s needs and is designed for those who have been using Finbite for some time and want to review the settings to ensure that all automations are working as planned. For new users, we will go over the most important settings to get you started with Finbite.

If you have any further questions, we encourage you to contact Customer Support. We are available five days a week, Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm and Fridays 9am to 4pm. The contact telephone number for Customer Support is +372 656 5400 and the e-mail address is

Start using Finbite

Finbite offers a seamless, all-in-one environment for smart invoicing. It is an online service, meaning that information is always available, wherever you are. We cover all the necessary billing channels, offering the possibility to send and receive e-invoices, PDF invoices by e-mail, international invoices via the Peppol network, paper invoices and invoices to the bank. We are constantly adding new billing channels to ensure that you have all the options for convenient invoicing.

Finbite’s smart invoicing solutions are suitable for businesses of all sizes. There are four packages to choose from: Starter, Lite, Standard and Premium. By comparing the services included in the packages, you can find the one that best suits your needs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for among the available packages, we encourage you to contact us, as we have taken an individual approach where necessary and come up with tailor-made solutions unique to each company.

In addition to e-invoicing solutions, Finbite can support the day-to-day operations of your business in a variety of ways.

What principles and values characterise Finbite?

  • Finbite is the leading e-invoice solutions provider in the Baltics, developing the future of fintech.
  • We are known for our start-up mentality combined with extensive experience.
  • We have many years of international experience.
  • We daily contribute to making the accounting processes smarter, more efficient and convenient for more than 4000 companies.
  • We have over 11 years of experience as the largest e-invoicing operator in the Baltics. We have grown out of the Estonian e-Invoicing Centre and Omniva Invoice Centre and as of 1 January 2021, we continued to develop and provide services through Finbite, a subsidiary of Eesti Post. Finbite can also be considered a successful public sector spin-off.

Please do not hesitate to send us a request through the website, as there are no permanent obligations and you can stop using the service or change your package at any time.
You can book a free demo to get an overview of the Finbite environment and get your questions answered.


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