The role of innovation and digital solutions in creating equal opportunities and environment


Today is International Women’s Day! The United Nation is celebrating this important day under the theme DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality.

According to the UN, women’s inadequate access to digital solutions and their under-representation in STEM education and careers is a barrier to realising the full potential of technology.  At the same time, technology is opening new doors. increasing the participation of women and girls in society and offering unprecedented opportunities to tackle inequalities.

Innovative solutions creating equality and opportunities in accounting and finance sector

It is crucial for us that innovation and digital solutions give everyone a greater opportunity to contribute to society and the economy in a meaningful way. We provide smart digital solutions that help automate the manual and repetitive tasks of accountants and other people involved in financial processes. Based on our long-term experience, we have seen that women predominantly hold accounting-related positions and are the ones who benefit from such solutions in Estonia and other Baltic countries. It has been a great pleasure to see that digital solutions and automation have given accountants, who previously had to do a large part of their work manually (entering data etc), the opportunity to contribute to the growth of businesses and the economic environment in a more efficient and meaningful way, thanks to their broad financial knowledge and innovative spirit.

Equal future for the tech and IT sector

As an employer, we share those values as-well. While in general, the majority of jobs in tech and IT companies are filled by men, we are skewed towards women – 65% of all our employees are women. Women also account for 54% of our management positions. Despite these figures, we see that in our recruitment processes the competitions for positions based on STEM skills are predominantly attended by male applicants.

Did you know?

75% – that’s the percentage of jobs that will be related to STEM areas by 2050. Yet, as an example, only 28% of current engineering graduates are women.

United Nations, 2023

This is why we join the UN’s call to governments, activists and the private sector to continue efforts to make the digital world more inclusive and equitable for all. Faced with multiple global crises, we have the opportunity to create a better future – not just for women and girls, but for everyone.


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