The new look for the Finbite environment is ready! 


We hope that you will have at least as successful a new year as the last one! We have prepared a number of improvements to make the Finbite environment and solutions even easier and faster to use. So you can devote even more time to the growth and development of your business.

The first of these is a new and modern look for the Finbite environment, which will also allow us to move quickly ahead with various technological updates and functionalities that offer even more efficient and automated workflows. 

Transition to the new environment

From 4 January, a 2-week transition period will start, during which you can use the new and the old environment simultaneously, if you wish. However, from 17 January, we will be migrating permanently to the new environment and the old one will no longer be available.

Guides and customer support for the transition

In order to make the getting used to the new environment as comfortable as possible for all users, we have updated the Finbite customer support guides and materials. Our customer support staff will also be happy to assist all customers via phone or e-mail.

User comfort and reliability are our priorities for the new environment. But getting used to any change takes time, and some kinks may only emerge in the process. So we’ve put together a list of developments we’ll be working on during the transition period, and we ask you to report any additional shortcomings as you spot them. A more detailed list of what we are working on can be found here.

What other upgrades and enhancements are in the pipeline?

As mentioned above, the visual renewal of the environment also gives us the opportunity to move forward rapidly with various technological and functional developments in the near future. For example, in addition to the new look and feel, the new Finbite Finance mobile app is now ready to be launched, offering a much more convenient and versatile solution for filing expense reports compared to our previous app. In the near future, we will also offer the long-awaited convenient SSO solution for logging into the Finbite environment.  


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