Change in login process from June 16


As of June 16, Finbite’s invoicing environment can only be accessed via, and Omniva’s e-service will no longer provide access to Finbite’s invoicing solutions. While this change will take effect in the next month, we recommend that you start logging in to Finbite from the website now.

This change is the result of our separation from Omniva. It will give us greater technical freedom to move forward with various long-awaited developments and upgrades. The change, which will take effect on June 16, will only affect the Finbite log-in environment. Functionality and service updates will be available in the near future and will be announced in advance.

  • The change will most affect those Finbite users who are still logging in to the environment via Omniva’s e-service, where invoicing solutions will no longer be accessible after 16 June. If you are logging in via, you will simply see a new login environment from 16 June and will have direct access to your company’s invoice management.
  • If you log in with a username and password, you will need to look them up and memorise them before 16 June. As the URL of the log in environment will change, the information stored in the previous environment will not be automatically transferred to the new environment by your browser. You will therefore need to check your password and username in Omniva’s e-service before 16 June or create and remember new ones. If you forget your username, it will no longer be possible to access Finbite with your password. However, you will always be able to log in with your Smart-ID. 
  • When logging in with Smart-ID, Mobile-ID or ID-card from, only the URL and the appearance of the environment will change.

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