Let’s meet Valvi


Valvi is one of the most experienced members of the team at Finbite, with experience dating back to the company’s early days. She enjoys the precision that the role of data entry clerk demands and the flexible work schedule, which has allowed her to push her creativity in unexpected directions.

How did you start your career at Finbite?

Ending up in Finbite was a complete coincidence. During a nice visit to the theatre, a friend of mine mentioned that they knew someone who was looking for someone. As my child had just started kindergarten, I jumped at the chance.

I started working for the company at the very beginning, in September 2012, when it was still the Estonian e-Invoicing Centre. I worked as a Digitizer for a long time because I liked the flexible working hours. January last year, I took up the position of Senior Digitizer, which led to new responsibilities – previously I could have questions, but now I have to have answers.

What are you doing in Finbite today?

I mainly deal with the digitisation of PDF purchase invoices. While most of the simpler tasks are done by the optical character recognition software, my job is to identify the data on the more complex invoices and enter them into Finbite or the customer’s information systems. I am responsible for quality assurance of the data if the information on automatically digitised invoices needs to be corrected or the original input is flawed. In addition, I will open digitisation mailboxes, to which customers send their PDF invoices that need to be digitised. Another great part of my job is advising and mentoring teammates on different tasks.

What professional achievements and developments are you particularly proud of?

While I’m rather creative outside of the workplace, when I’m at work I love punctuality, precision and I could even consider myself a bit of a pedant. My greatest achievement is when things run smoothly and without a hitch.

Talk about a funny incident or situation you have faced at work.

I appreciate good humour and funny people, and there are plenty of those in Finbite. As I work mostly from home and rarely see my colleagues face to face, I enjoy our team events, which are always fun. The last winter event was made particularly memorable by my colleagues swimming in an ice hole and the lovely snow angels. 😊

What other important developments are still to come or what would you like to do professionally?

With digital solutions being an area that is constantly evolving, and as a fan of lifelong learning, I believe that sustainable self-development in our company is guaranteed. I hope to be constantly in a phase of my own development, where every little nuance is well understood. I want to do my utmost to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our product.

What makes your eyes light up after a day at work?

After work, I love spending time in nature. I adore walking and cycling. I love painting, photography and spending time at home on different DIY projects, whether it’s a cabinet that’s been brought home looking like it needs an impromptu tune-up or some other victim of my skilful hands😊. As a Jack of all trades, in addition to my previously acquired business management degree, I’ve also acquired a tailor’s qualification on the side, so I find myself behind a sewing machine from time to time.


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