Let’s meet Kristi


Kristi has been part of the Finbite team for nearly 10 years and has seen and achieved a lot in that time. With a background in IT, Kristi has grown from a consultant to become the Head of the Data Recognition Department. She contributes on a daily basis to developing the digitization service and making Finbite’s systems more user-friendly. In addition to her personal development, Kristi has also seen the company grow through 8 different managers and at least 3 brand names. Although much of her working day is spent in the digital world, she has not lost her close connection to water and nature.

How did you start your career at Finbite?

Almost 10 years ago, a former classmate of mine, who studied IT with me at Mainor, wrote to me on Messenger. The question was, if I knew anyone who was looking for a job and also knew a bit more about working with computers than the average user. As I was looking for a job at the time, my answer was: “Me 😊”. From there, things developed very quickly. The next day I went to receive training for the job. The job interview took place over the phone with the head of the company – a pure formality, as he already trusted the choice of the employee who recommended me.

What are you doing in Finbite today?

I am currently the Head of Data Recognition. My department’s mission is to ensure that our customers receive the highest possible quality of data identification and digitization services. In this role, I advise anyone who has any questions about the subject. Both within the company, my colleagues and team, and outside the company, customers and partners. As the head of the department, I also review work processes to see if there is anything that can be done better and faster. In short, my hands are full.

What professional achievements and developments are you particularly proud of?

I’m certainly proud to have become the head of a department. I still have a lot to learn, but it has been a very exciting experience thus far. In terms of professional achievements, I am proud that the proposals that have been made have clarified the management and rules of data recognition for all parties involved. In addition, a lot has been done to make our environment significantly better and more convenient for both customers and employees.

Kristi surprising everyone with her Disc Golf skills at the first ever Finbite Disc Golf Week

Talk about a funny incident or situation you have faced at work.

I have seen a lot of different situations in 10 years. It always makes me laugh that when I started in this company (then called Estonian e-Invoicing Centre), they couldn’t think of a job title for me for quite a long time. At first I was a Consultant, but that didn’t really describe my job. As my tasks were very diverse and included functions from several departments. I was a sort of a jack-of-all-trades. Eventually I became a Product Manager, but it still took a few years to get to that title.

What other important developments are still to come or what would you like to do professionally?

We are now in the final phases of several exciting projects. The biggest and most important of these is the separation from Omniva’s systems. Finbite became a separate company from Omniva some years ago, but customers have continued using solutions with Omniva’s look and feel. This link between the two companies has been somewhat confusing for customers up until now. I believe that this technological separation, which will come into effect as early as 16 June, will be very beneficial for both us and our customers.

What makes your eyes light up after a day at work?

Being in nature and meeting good friends makes me feel good. I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to be close to beautiful nature ever since I was a child – I grew up by the sea and my grandparents lived in a rural area with lots of forest around. And to this day I still have the habit of going to nature – to the seaside or to the forest – when I’m stressed.

My favourite animal is a crocodile, but getting a picture with an alligator was the closest I could get.

I can also be seen cycling quite often in the summer – not very much around the city, but always taking long rides and exploring areas outside of the town.

I love water. It’s very possible that this is a side effect of growing up by the sea. If it were possible, I’d spend all day in and under the water. It’s especially exciting when there’s some sea life to observe. A snorkel and a mask are always with me when I go near a body of water.


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